Weekend Reading

Quote of the Week:

As commercials for Fram oil filters used to say, “You can pay me now or pay me later.” In our case today, “pay me later” is a perpetuation of weak banks, substandard growth, persistent unemployment and stymied productivity. Better to do takeunders of banks now than to hire an undertaker for the whole U.S. economy later. ~Andy Kessler

Links for the Week ending Nov-20, 2010

Finance / Economics

  • Krugman’s latest paper and you guessed it; in a deleveraging economy the government needs to pick up the slack demand from the private sector. “Debt, Deleveraging, and the Liquidity Trap” (Krugman)
  • Quick Recap of Positives and Negatives from Last week’s economic data. (The Big Picture)
  • “What’s Really Behind Bernanke’s Easing?” Here’s a hint; it’s not lower rates or the wealth effect. (WSJ)
  • Bernanke’s Speech at the sixth European Central Banking Central Banking conference. “Rebalancing the Global Recovery” (Federal Reserve) TPC’s take here and Mish’s take here.
  • Warren Buffett: My title, “Thanks for the Bailout.” His title, “Pretty Good for Government Work” (NYT)
  • Barry Ritholtz’s response to Buffett’s op-ed. “Dear Uncle Sucker” (The Big Picture)
  • “Understanding and Profiting from the next Banking Crisis” Chris Whalen. (The Pragmatic Capitalist)
  • Small businesses are not contributing to the jobs recovery as they have in the past. “Few Businesses Sprout, With Even Fewer Jobs” (WSJ)
  • “This Just In: Tenured Professor Blasts Monopolies” (Jeff Matthews)
  • “The Cliff” John Hussman (Hussman)
  • “On Investment Modeling” part 1 and part 2 by David Merkel

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