Thoughts on the new Seeking Alpha Premium Partnership Program

As I mentioned in my post yesterday Seeking Alpha has rolled out a new Premium Partnership Program. Essentially the program works like this; in exchange for revenue sharing based on page views the author agrees to not post, for free, the submitted article anywhere else on the web.

I have shared my articles with Seeking Alpha for awhile now and do so for the added exposure and feedback I receive. For example, my analysis of Robert Shiller’s 2020 Forecast received 53 comments and over 3,500 pages views on their site. By way of comparison a couple hundred views is a banner day on my site. The obvious drawback to the program is loosing complete control of your own work.

So to test the program I have submitted two article so far with no major complaints. A little pocket change isn’t so bad. So, for now, I will continue to test the program with one, maybe two, articles a week and the remaining pieces I will post here.

If you are interested in reading more about the program consider the following links:

  • David Jackson’s (Seeking Alpha CEO) post rolling out the program.
  • Felix Salmon – He is not a fan and makes some good points.
  • Ritholtz chimes in with ‘Why Blog?
  • Roger Nusbaum, one of Seeking Alpha’s more popular authors, seem to like the program.

I would be curious to know what you think?

I’ll be back tomorrow with the weekly sentiment surveys plus one new indicator.


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