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Thanks and Farewell

For anyone who has visited the site recently it has been obvious that I have not been writing or adding content. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, my wife and I recently had our first child, a son, and I have enjoyed spending all my extra time with him. Secondly, I have been in the interview process with a Wealth Management firm in Portland, OR.

I am happy to report that at the conclusion of the interview process I accepted an offer and will be starting for them later this month. While this is good news for me, it means that I will no longer be adding to this site due to potential conflicts of interest that could arise and a general lack of time to maintain the blog and focus on a new position……oh, and the level three CFA exam in June. Going forward the plan may include a blog at the new position. If that happens, I will make sure to post a link here on this site.

I have very much enjoyed writing this blog and have learned quite a bit in the process. I hope everyone who has read it has found something beneficial in my content and that I have made a valuable contribution to the blogosphere.

I would like to thank everyone who has checked out the site for stopping by and adding to the discussion. I would also like to thank a few specific individuals who have provided encouragement and inspiration for the blog. To Ed Easterling (Crestmont Research), your analysis always inspires me. Thanks for being so quick and willing to share your expertise. (Ed has written two of the best books on the stock market I have ever read, check them out.) Jason Leach (Craven Brothers) for your encouragement and advice. You went well above the call of duty for someone you have never met. I hope we remedy that some day. Jacob Wolinsky (Value Walk) for being one of the first to support the site and thinking my content was worthy of posting on your great and ever improving site. Doug Short ( for your kind words and the links. Also, thanks to the following individuals for thinking enough of the site to repost articles or frequently link (they all have great sites, check them out). Mish at Global Economic Analysis, Prieur du Plessis at Investment Postcards from Cape Town, Charles Kirk at The Kirk Report and Dr. Charlie Tian at GuruFocus.


Isaac Presley