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Weekend Reading

Links for the Week ending Feb-20, 2011

Here are some of my favorite reads from the past week

The Links…..

  • Why people like economics but not economists by Robert Shiller (Slate)
  • All You Need to Know About Why Things Fell Apart by Michael Lewis (Bloomberg)
  • Viewing Chairman Bernanke’s Remarks Through the Lens of Emerging Economies by Mohamed A. El-Erian (PIMCO)
  • Dividend Policy for the 21st century (Musings on Markets)
  • Jeffrey Suat’s Market Commentary (Raymond James)
  • The Cognitive Dissonance of it All (Hayman Capital via Zero Hedge, pdf)
  • Investors most bullish on stocks in 10 years (Reuters)
  • Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail? by Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone)
  • The Art & Science of Remembering Everything! (Simoleon Sense)
  • Conan 2.0 (Fortune)
  • My Puny Human Brain by Ken Jennings (Slate)

Weekend Reading

Links for the Week ending Feb-06, 2011

Here are some of the better reads from the past week.

Weekend Reading

Links for the Week ending Jan-30, 2011

I didn’t do a links post last weekend so what follows are some of the best reads from the past two weeks.

Weekend Reading

Links for the Week ending Jan-16, 2011


Weekend Reading

Links for the Week ending Jan-09, 2011

Finance / Economics

  • The Ten Greatest Trades of All Time (International Business Times)
  • Motley Fool’s Interview with David Einhorn. Do your own homework: you can’t trust the regulators, rating agencies or analysts to do it for you. (Motley Fool)
  • The Stock Market Matrix – A great historical display of stock return by year. “It When You Start and When You Finish” (New York Times) also full graphic available here.
  • John Taylor: The Euro Could Fall Below Dollar Parity in 2011 (PragCap)
  • James Montier: The Ten Tenants of My Investment Creed (Societe Generale)
  • The Ivy Portfolio may be for Those Who No Longer Buy, Buy & Hold (Nick Gogerty)
  • “The Perfect Business” by Richard Russell (Dow Theory Letters)