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Weekend Reading

Quote of the Week:

As commercials for Fram oil filters used to say, “You can pay me now or pay me later.” In our case today, “pay me later” is a perpetuation of weak banks, substandard growth, persistent unemployment and stymied productivity. Better to do takeunders of banks now than to hire an undertaker for the whole U.S. economy later. ~Andy Kessler

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Jeff Matthews on Warren Buffett

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a talk by Jeff Matthews. Jeff runs his own hedge fund, is the author of Pilgrimage to Warren Buffett’s Omaha and also maintains a very entertaining blog (Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up). Jeff was nice enough to provide copies of his book to the first 40 registrants, of which, unfortunately, I was not one. Therefore, I have yet to have a look at the book but I must say if it is anywhere near as entertaining and full of insight into Buffett and Berkshire as his talk, I would recommend reading. I know I will be.

Jeff shared a few interesting items from his career and his experience following Buffett. I have read my fair share about Buffett but Jeff shared some very interesting facts and conclusions that he has drawn over the years. Here is a recap Read more of this post